Where Are They Now?

While not 100% necessary, I thought it might help inform things for folks if they did know approximately what is happening with folks. Based on Bill’s " Phase 2 is the first couple of years of college for the main characters" statement, here are my thoughts (feel free to disagree or correct as necessary).

  • Alycia: Possibly the least likely out of anyone to seek out higher education. Already quite intelligent and likely sees the American education system as a grift, she’d look to other avenues.
  • Adam: If the older members are in their first or second year of college, Adam is still likely a junior. I have ideas that I will likely turn into some fiction later.
  • Jason: Like Alycia, Jason likely doesn’t need higher education (and is probably the most likely target for honorary degrees in a few years anyway) but also the most likely due of his strong sense of duty and responsibility. Maybe go in the middle with some remote classes?
  • Leo and Aria: If these two aren’t high school sweethearts who go to the same school together, I don’t know what is right with the world.
  • Summer: Summer had a strong line of going her own way with things, so I don’t know if she would try to go to the same school as Leo or Aria to stay close with her family or continue to go her own way and challenge herself. Interested to see what happens regardless.
  • Harry: Harry is going to be the poster child for whatever school he goes to, no questions asked. Definitely wouldn’t stick with a Halcyon-based community college after how his story ended in Phase One, but I could still be surprised.
  • Charlotte: Of anyone, I could see Charlotte wanting to continue learning about the modern world in college, but her duties of as the Magus burning her out. But she would still likely try, living finals week all semester long.

I have a plan for college that will give everyone a reason to attend something.

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Oh Bill, you cannot just drop something like that with no details. I hope you don’t keep up in suspense for too long.

Vyortovia University

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I think the take here for Alycia makes sense. Jason might feel he needs to get a PhD or two just to earn some credibility in whatever fields he’s pursuing (an attitude and, to the extent it’s true, a state of affairs that will lead to more Alycian eye-rolling).

My feeling here is that a bunch of the characters are just effectively too smart to benefit from a traditional university track. They’re going to get bored, or the regular teachers will be unable to teach them properly, and at some point it’s going to break the system. Attending VU for the new experience (and fast-tracking a PhD or two here and there) feels very doable as an alternative.

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