Wither [sic] the OSR

So I was invited to a G+ community (!). I guess they didn’t get the memo, or don’t care. Here is the pitch:

Inglorious OSR: A NON-POLITICAL Free Speech OSR for everyone who cares more about the OSR than absurd virtue signalling.

Aside from questions like “do you like THAC0”, the moderator posts things like this:

So what do you think about modern D&D having all these kids playing tieflings, aasimar, genasi, tabaxi, dragonborn etc.?

Is it ‘special snowflakism’? Does it let them show off their (mostly imagined) non-conformity by all doing the exact same thing? But is it basically harmless? Does it add to the game? or make it worse?

So, yeah. If you haven’t seen the dark side of OSR yet, now you know where to start looking.

Oh my sweet giddy aunt.

It’s also unintentionally hilarious. For example, in reply to that post that says “Does it let them show off… by all doing the exact same thing?” one intrepid soul replied with this gem:

When playing OSR D&D, I only allow Humans, elves, dwarves, halflings and maybe half-orcs.

I mean, it inevitably veers into dark again:

I prefer a human-centric world with a realistic amount of distrust among the races

But then we get back into the gloriously close brush the OSR community has with some self-awareness!

My issue is with folks sucking the life out of the game with empty dog-eared D&Disms

So all’s well that ends well.

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Well, that’s a dead give-away right there.

Well, I don’t consider a person’s identity, sexuality, or hairstyle to be political, so…

Well, that certainly is a thing that exists (which is probably the nicest thing I could say).