World and setting

Answers to setting questions:

  • When and where did the city crash? Cape Cod, north side of the hook, in 1999
    • What existing city was displaced? Barnstable, Dennis, Brewster, Orleans, and Eastham - the city is almost 15 miles in diameter
    • How bad was the devastation? Lots of flooding, but the area was evacuated in time
    • How do the old residents feel about the new one? Everyone’s property investment was ruined so they’re upset about that, but a lot of the Old Money invested in the new city’s industry, so opinions are mixed
  • Decide on three “faces” for Aspire:
    • Malcolm Gladwell, CEO of Gladwell
  • Decide on three “faces” for Embassy Sector: TBD
  • Decide on three “faces” for Science Sector: TBD
  • Does anyone have a personal involvement with the science pirates? Sabine knows a couple guys who were members
  • Have you fought a gang before? How did it go? Guardian Ghost and Sabine have both tackled the gangs before. They weren’t able to do much on their own.
  • What kind of music do people like?
    • Small independent artists and experimental musicians are here
    • Well-known acts didn’t show up to perform in a death trap of a city at first
    • Karaoke as bonding ritual between people working dangerous jobs
    • Artists giving live performances connect better with an audience
  • What performing arts can be found?
    • Craft shows, leather, painting, ceramics - people interpreting the city’s mythology in tangible art
    • Holdovers from the quaint artistic culture of the Cape
    • The appeal of local artists, people who hang out at a certain place or can be regularly found somewhere

I think because people who move there have to be open minded and a bit free spirited to live there. Things might happen at any time so it’s not exactly stable. I think people who are “independent artists” are more likely to take risks and roll with the punches, and would enjoy the freedom offered by an unconventional environment.

  • Arts that don’t exist elsewhere?
    • Etags: programmable paint that can project holograms, and is powered by heat
    • Etags are used to display flags, store signs, graffiti, and much more
    • Etag paint can be tattooed into human skin
  • Local business or culture? TBD