Xian Quan Province

The peasants of the Xian Quan prefecture have always held on to some of the old ways that predate the rule of the Kung family (and their traditional imperial faith). To this day, they offer propitiatory worship to Táoqì of the Slippery Dark, bound in mythic times, but who (they say) is still hiding in the crevices of the world; brooding and vengeful. Should the peasants ever stop their practice, the realm would again be invaded by snake demons.

Named after the ever-flowing fountain located in the courtyard of Kung Chéngbǎo (Kung Keep), Xian Quan was seized by Aoshi’s ancestor six generations ago. The previous lord of the prefecture died during the Serpent War invasion, ending his line, and Aoshi’s ancestor took that chance to reclaim his ancestral lands. He [prayed for a miracle] (some debate here), and the everflowing well sprang up on top of the Táoqì’s prison, binding him once again. Kung Chéngbǎo was built on the site of the blessed well.

The Night of Bitter Scales commemorates this hard won victory, and is where/when we’ll start things up.

Lord Aoshi, the current lord, has achieved political and military stability unprecedented in the prefecture’s history. The town of Yong, the center of local economy, is strategically located along a trade route. The prefecture includes four vassal holdings: Dao-yen, Min, [& two others]. Dao-yen is managed by Crescent Sword Feng, the village of Min by Man Zun the ancient.

Xian Quan is also the sole source of a rare blue dye. Dan Lui the textile merchant manages the dye trading monopoly on behalf of the Kung family.

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Slither Is Coming …

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Silent Sun’s real identity is Jia Hua, scion of the Jia family. They are well-off but not wealthy; most of their power comes from the lands they control.

The Jia family martial art is a strong external style, reminiscent of Tiger style kung fu, and marked by strong kicks and low stances. Jia fighters typically use spears made out of wood grown on their family property, as they understand its specific material properties the best.