13.1 - Can't Stop The Rock

Report continued from here

Alright, back to Kiln. They stopped short after I used some high-effectiveness verbal direction and complied with further instructions. Hooray.

Mette and Joey run into some swole butterflies who’ve been hitting the creatine hard and they try to carry him off. I leave that situation alone and drag Kiln and Roddy as backup to an IR signature I picked up in the jungle, who’s apparently coordinating some part of the attack on us.

The signature is some kind of stone person who self-identifies as Tahi, a temple guardian. Presents as female, speaks English, knows Joey’s real name, so I’m automatically suspicious. But according to her:

  • Stag-a-saurus was captured by her and let to sit for a long time, and we somehow woke it up. Bad us.
  • There’s a whole Nature Red of Tooth and Claw deal going on where the trees are working for the temple but the vines are the bad guys and I don’t fucking know whose side the butterflies are on.
  • Joey “accessed” a similar temple in Africa for “regenerative” purposes.

So it looks like we’re going to Africa next!

I don’t know how much of all this I trust. The most charitable version of events goes like this:

  • Joey got hurt, wound up in a temple in the Congo, and it rebuilt him with gorilla parts in some kind of weird “The Fly” scenario.
  • He stumbled out with no memory of the event and was found.
  • The temples apparently talk to each other enough that Costa Rica heard from the Congo what went down.
  • Either Joey told them his name or the temples have some kind of telepathic deal where they read his mind to learn his name.

Even in this version of events, there’s a lot of scary shit to process, and I’m trying to keep leverage on Kiln in case I need them to help shut some of this stuff down.

The least charitable version is:

  • The guardian here threw Stag-a-saurus, trees, and butterflies at us.
  • Failing that, she decides to play along and be friendly.
  • We might be walking into a trap.

So if this is the last report you get from me for awhile, now you know what happened. Hopefully I’ll report back on how this conversation goes. 1337 out.