56.4 Checking In (Part 3)

I won’t cross-post it, since it’s the third installment, but I’ve wrapped up the Checking In / Lost Lambs subplot (started here, if you haven’t kept up with it).

If Summer heard the end of this story, there would be no blame or condemnation, but she would ask one question and imply two others, and you can decide if dealing with that benefits Alycia’s story or not: will there be a service for them, plus are you going, and do you want me there?

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Reaction 1 - FEELS!

Reaction 2 - If there are bagpipes playing “Amazing Grace,” there will be blood shed.

Reaction 3 - Of course …

Reaction 4 - … not.

I handwaved a bit of how this would wrap up, since it’s within the bound of authorial fiat how (in)competent the authorities would be here, and how competent Joa was in jiggering their IDs, ultimately it comes down to two people from the same shop (which is eventually owned by Jason Quill) dead (with terrorism aspects involved) and one missing, with a strong likelihood that something related to their physical IDs will trigger some flags at AEGIS, which almost certainly circles back to Alycia at some point and a long discussion with Agent Parker, which in turn goes different directions depending on the level of shame she still feels, her desire to protect Joa (esp. given her previous discussions with Parker about questions in AEGIS’ best interest vs her own judgment), etc.

Alycia will eventually, for Joa’s sake, settle for opsec. Gregory and Ivan will be laid down in paupers’ graves (which, Alycia muses, is ironically fitting for those fighting for the Great Mission in their own ways). She’ll hold a memorial wake for them – Ivan especially, but she’ll insist on Gregory’s sense of duty and devotion and bravery being noted as well – to which she will invite Joa, and Jason, and, yes, Summer.

And there will probably be lots of stories told by Joa, a certain number of tears, internal insistence by Alycia that she will not make it about her, and the distinct possibility of overserving of little shots of vodka.

FWIW, I suspect Alycia will do more lesson-taking from this than self-flagellation, given that she has both Jason and Summer’s support, and has Joa to redirect any energy toward that might otherwise go into moping.

Great question, @garrett. Thanks.

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