The Pandimensional Pandemoniac Menagerie Sleepover

Let’s give those two some private time to talk.

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I hope they’ve both made enough progress on their respective journeys to earn this conversation. I think so.


The plot thickens?

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In the Pneumaverse, Adam and Leo never had a conversation in the car. In our universe, that led to Adam carrying +1 forward to seeing Pneuma’s aura, tipping a 6 over to a 7.


The conversation continues. Jason’s priority order is from issue 26.

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The lost lambs are referenced here, and Adam retrieving the Keynome is here.

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I’ve dumped a lot of stuff today, so pausing for a bit to check in. How are we feeling about this so far? It’s not going to be this serious throughout, but I wanted to treat this group like I think they’d act - given a mystery, they’d try to get to the bottom of it, even if they don’t wind up liking what they find.

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While the “NailVerse” as I’ll call it certainly seems darker, it also seems like things in the “MainVerse” all could have just as easily have turned out that way too with how it’s framed.

I am a-okay with how Nail!Adam is being portrayed. While Adam might seem like a sweet kid, he was also prone to rash decisions and… well, following Sol’s instructions to head out into space and learn how to be a better Concordance agent definitely seems like something Main!Adam could have been swayed into doing over time (especially without the close friends he had).

I’m also enjoying everything else going on. Can’t speak of how these events sound to the other character’s respective character, all this seems very in character to me.

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I remembered the events of those early sessions, and set up this parallel universe to hinge on a single +1 on a single roll. I think the rest of the events logically follow. Leo never felt the swell of gratitude to Adam for reading Pneuma’s aura, so their relationship was more strained. That kicked over some other dominoes, and I think both good and bad consequences came of that.

I like this. I like that the Leo/Alycia relationship is different from the Jason/Alycia relationship, and in fitting ways, and that it’s had an effect on her There vs Here.

Just from what we see here (and thinking of their Prime interactions in-game/cutscene), Leo engages her (to speak in very broad strokes) from a position of power and will; Jason engages her (ditto) from a position of feelings and emotions. Neither is right, both are motivated for good reasons, and both have different effects on her and her personal growth.


“For want of a conversation, a forward was lost …” (to paraphrase Franklin, et al.).

Given the drama in this group? I’d absolutely expect them to pick away at alternate timelines to find out what happened. (Heck, we already saw that back in the Old-Jason-Quill-Is-The-Overlord parallel timestream.) Part of that is compassion, but a lot is ego, both in a narcissistic way and in a self-doubting way (did I make the right decisions? could I have been better? could I have been worse?).

Or I might be projecting …

Ooh, and another nice sucker punch. Thank you.

You are the official Gruenwald/Waid of the Menagerieverse.

Also, looking back to Issue 1 (heck, the People magazine article), Jason was kind of a wreck. Without Summer, without Alycia, without the rest of the team, I can see him not surviving some of the things that happened.

As noted in the earlier comment, I had the same metaphoric thought. I like the tag.

I think it’s not just that. The advantage Jason has in interacting with Alycia is he has a history with her, and the advantage Leo has is that he doesn’t, if that makes sense.

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Glad to know I’m earning high Marks. But what are all these notes for if not building new stories with?

That makes complete sense.

(Both also have the advantage of the “Yeah, I had a crappy, abusive, manipulative Super-Dad, too” in relating to Alycia, even if each of their situations was a bit different.)

Good job, Harry.

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Dammit guys, stop being mood killers and let Harry answer a highly important question: why is Nail!Harry’s hair blue? :stuck_out_tongue:


Some light teasing, but out of friendship.

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Another conversation where the participants probably deserve some privacy.

I admit some curiosity how Alycia - normally an aggressive, demanding conversationalist with other people - would interact with, essentially, herself. If that lights a fire under Dave for writing prompts, he’s welcome to explore it for any topic he likes, as usual. :slight_smile:

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