General Scheduling Thread

Figured we needed a general thread for scheduling and whatnot.

And on that topic, just to be certain before I lock in plans, we’re not planning anything for the weeks of Christmas and New Years are we?

EDIT from Bill: you can create a Google Calendar and embed it in a post like this. Here’s my version, if Doyce or someone else prefers to take it over, just edit this post and put in your own embed code.


I believe that is correct.

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Hey, I just got the proposed dates for my next trip for work will be between Feb 25th and March 8th. Could shuffle by a week backward or forward, but these are the tentative dates.

Since this trip includes cross-seas travel, I likely won’t be able to make the game during those weeks.

Is no worry! Monster will be speaker for team while Mike is being away! Everyone is friend of Monster! Has special talent for consorting and swaying! Will be fun! :japanese_ogre:

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I added an embedded calendar to the top post and a link showing how to do it, in case someone else prefers to manage it.

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Thanks Bill! You’re always so helpful.

Nice! Even if it is in Pacific Time. (Though, to be fair, we do have two players in the Pacific TZ now, and we really don’t do much with time, vs dates).

Okay, looks like I have a conflict.

My wife’s out of town, I have all the kids, and Kaylee just switched to a new swim team which (this week) has a MUCH later practice start/end time.

So: I basically have to be in a car and drive for an hour to hour and half right during game time. That won’t work.

Peers at calendar:

  • Tuesday would work, except that’s the first night Kate’s home in five days, so… kind of would rather not.
  • Wednesday is even more horrible for Kaylee’s schedule, but Kate’s home so she can go get her or something.
  • Thursday is clear.


(Good news is, this is the only week with these kinds of conflicts, out as far as I can see. (March1))

I’m booked Wednesday and Thursday as a regular thing.

I am good for any day during the week.

Wednesday is out for us this week. Thursday works.

Friday’s not good for me, which I realized I didn’t articulate earlier.

I think we might just be out this week. Which… I mean, holidays aside, I don’t know the last time we didn’t play in a week just from scheduling problems, so we’re probably due?

If this week is dark, we will muddle through somehow. :slight_smile:

Looking forward, the Consortium (all 3 of us) will be out of pocket on Monday, 2/18 (we’ll actually be out in California for Parents Day at Scripps). Something Wednesday or Thursday that week could work. We can revisit closer to.

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Just a note that we might be late, as we have to take one of the cars in to get new tire(s) put on this evening (jolly fun that).

Also a reminder that the Consortium (both Denver and our West Coast satellite office) will be dark next Monday.

Most likely will not be out in two weeks, so feel free to remove that from the calendar (if there is an option for be to do that myself, I did not find one).

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There is now, since I added you, Doyce, and Dave as members on that particular Google Calendar.

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Thanks Bill!

Added my April con trip since I might be a little gamed out that following Monday.