Goblin Town

You can’t keep a good butterfly princess down for long.


:heart_eyes: This is the content I look forward to.

“And, you know, in your black tactical gear, you could pass as the Morrigan and --”


I like to think Alycia is coolly tactical enough to bet on the best weapon in her arsenal, and prepared enough to have backups.

Prisoners of war are taken, and mutually agreeable solutions are proposed.

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I feel this video is Alycia reacting to magical girl tropes.

This video is like nine kinds of crazy. Thanks for sharing Bill!


More proof Adam is a Magical Girl wrapped up in cosmic superhero tropes.


I like the idea of mashing two invasions together to solve both.

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Holy shit did we reference previous comic continuity?

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I think I’m okay where this is for now. Any “visit to Goblin Town” story would be fun, but it’d also be me retelling Labyrinth, with either Summer or Alycia as protagonist. Decide for yourselves which would be funnier. But that’d be a long and fairly involved comic series.

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And has learned enough restraint not to have orbital weaponry coming online as Plan C.

Well, aside from the cocaine. :slight_smile:

And, as a bonus, Alycia doesn’t have to worry about the nekkid blue chick and Jason.

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If it’s not something you want to do, neither. :slight_smile:

Alycia, having been confronted a couple of times with the Christmas invasion, etc., by the existence of magic, has certainly decided to codify it as simple differences in physical laws in parallel universes / dimensions, carried over into our world through some sort of intrinsic quantum persistence, but still subject to analysis, understanding, and neutralization (at whatever level is necessary). Thus, she’s able to treat the goblins as a rational opposition, not a head-splodin’ cognitive dissonance.

Yes, she’d be the annoying one trying to suss out the scientific basis how fire-breathing dragons work. Well, actually, Jason probably would, too, but he’d also allow himself to go, “Wow. Cool,” first.

I suspect Alycia in fairyland would involve a lot of kicking and (if gunpowder worked in those shadows) shooting. Or threatening same. So, probably, not enough difference from the the “real world” to make it worth doing, aside from the amusement of watching her resisting being caught up in a fairy tale and its tropes.

I’m just happy Summer got a chance to go all Magical Fairy Princess.

And the army of alien Summer clones. Really, about 30% of my strips seem to involve Alycia heading off any perceived philandering from Jason.


Which is easy comedy, to be sure. (I’d like to think she’s a bit less paranoid and more nuanced than that, but that’s the nature of the medium, and I’m cool with that.)