Going Deeper

From p. 118 of the rulebook (p. 123 of the PDF):

If you have a bit more time, you can add more questions to the Guided Establishment method. The above questions give you a strong starting point, but maybe you want to know a little more, maybe you have some things you want to say, but you don’t want the chaotic free-for-all of the Maximum Lore method. Here’s some more questions you can put to the table:

  1. Who are your people on good terms with? How about bad terms? Why?
  2. What’s one thing your people have that no one else does?
  3. What is the political structure of your peoples’ society?
  4. What do your people most value? What do they least value?
  5. What is your people’s greatest accomplishment?
  6. What is your largest city called, and what is it like?

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