Issue 06 - The Big Boom Affair - Part 5 "Sooner or Later, Boom!"

Last time …

This time …

Hope chooses … Baron Helsingard to go next.
Sorely focused on Benedict. But a bioroid beating on Benedict.
So … Kane, who’s running over his minions.
Grabs the engine and yoinks it from the van ==> 9 Legendary+
Kane Vehicles ==> 5 + FP + Dr A TKing H’s arms into the still-spinning rotors of the Grounded chopper + Fuel Leak ==> 9
Hands off to …

Bioroid on Benedict.
Smack! ==> 2 Fair + All Hail Lord Helsengard 2 ==> 4 Great
Benedict ==> 5 Superb … slip the blow and on the feet.

Deafen the bioroid to cut off its verbal communication with Baron v H.
Top Marks(man) ==> 9 Legendary +1
Bioroid Physique ==> 2 Fair
Aspect of “Isolated” set with 2 free invokes.

Blow up the chopper to distract him.
Helsingard Will ==> 5 Superb
Hope Deceive ==> 5 Superb + Up Is Also A Direction ==> 7 Epic
So … “Distracted”

Shepherd with van … vs 2 Fair … Vehicles ==> 2 Fair
Skid around to knock him into place.

Dr A
Warbot Armor stunt, Physique ==> 4 Great + Built fo Conquest and True Heir to the Helsingard Empire ==> 8 Legendary
PK throwing flaming helicopter parts at him ==> 6 Fantastic + Isolated (4) + Ideal Positioning (2) + Grounded (2) + “Words Not Deeds” ==> 20

… and Helsingard topples, arms being detached, torso (brain in a jar) plops to the ground.

Afterward …

Take control of the sonic device.
Nab Helsingard.

Drive off, with Dr A and Helsingard having an argument in Hungarian, while the others are calling in reports, etc.

Back to the hospital.
EMs called in.

Director calls. We put a (righteous) positive spin on everything.

Also … hmmmm … Odic tower … and Helsingard always comes back … and how many Helsingards are in Odic Force …


End of a volume … end of an issue …

Dr A gets a Major Milestone for three checked-off experiences.

Make the van ours.

Tower Destruction: Loss of significant assets. -1
PCs fail to prevent innocent deaths, property loss, noticeable … or did we save lives, etc.? +1
Supporting anti-Tesladyne forces? Or Tesladyne? +1

So … increase Tesladyne resources by 1.
A new aspect for Tesladyne: “The Big Boom Affair”

1 point to spend.

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