Masks-616 #04 - "Lo! There Shall be a Detention!"

Last time …

Alex saved the school.

Mette saved a bunch of people who don’t even realize they were saved.
(Breaking Joe’s destiny for her? Maybe not …)

Sync had a play date with his super-hero.

Kiln destroyed school property.


A Love Letter, Huzzah!

Oh, lovely love letter!

My heart is filled with …


Heya Joey, Detention. It’s what’s for dinner. Not dinner. That doesn’t even make any sense. You can’t eat in detention. “Detention: It’s what’s for Detention.” That’s it. Not as catchy.

Roll +Mundane. On a 10+, pick 2. On a 7-9, pick 1.

  • You melted down in gym, and that’s not… great, but you also said some stuff while you were raging out - you don’t really remember what, but it impressed somoene in class. Tell us who it was and we’ll ask them if they see you as Mighty Joe Young or just… Joey. If Mighty Joe Young, mark potential and clear a condition. If Joey, take Influence over them.

  • Your screw up in the gym totally did NOT surprise someone in class. You didn’t disappoint them - you performed exactly as expected. But that just means they aren’t ready for the real Joe Young. Pick a classmate (NPC or PC) who doesn’t believe in you; if/when you Defend them, you can take Influence over them, even on a miss.

  • Someone in class who just wasn’t paying attention to you is, now. A LOT. Who is it? Take influence over them and, if you take a Condition from their attention, also take potential.

On a miss, pick 1, but your rage-out left two of your classmates with serious reservations about whether or not you’re cut out to be a hero. They didn’t even have to say anything - you can see it on their faces. Take Angry and shift one Label up and one Label down, your choice. (If you already have Angry, take a condition and give both of them Influence over you.)

Hugs and kisses,

Doyce: … looks good, I wonder what his Mundane is.
Also Doyce: OH shit

Mundane -> 4!

  • Anger
  • Roy and Hailey giving him the side-eye.
  • If and when I defend Evan (not at all surprised), I get influence.
  • Savior -1, Freak +1

There will be a whisper campaign around Joe for a while …


Detention too.

You acted out against a superior in a structured learning environment, and you’ve been assigned “detention”, which is meant to be some kind of punishment for your behavior.

You get the gist - you imagine it just like what would happen if you’d done the same thing in your previous life. Roll Adaptibility and find out if you’re right.

Soldier -> 6!

The way the punishment is handled is … disconcerting or frustrating or something. Mark a condition.

The punishment is so petty. Fixing all the cardboard/painted/papier-mache cars.


Mrs Schwartz is there at the office with a clipboard. Redirects Kiln and Joe to the gym.

Not only is it a mess, but adhesives getting stuck in fur, electronics start screaming at random.

SURGE, at parade rest, watching us. Eyes doing the KITT thing.

Alex shows up … has heard about the sitch through the grapevine.

Drops backpack, emotionally distant as usual.
“Shelby. Damaged Yugo. You go to the Yugo.”

“That’s very funny, sir.”
“That’s correct. Makeup for missing my class.”
“I’ve never worn makeup, sir.”

Alex is there to keep an eye on two volatile and unknown assets (rumor mill). Also, bored.


Lunch time. Team mates not there (Kiln and Joe are getting a lecture from Hellbender; Alex is who knows where; Sync is starry-eyed).

Evan! Blush-inducingly poetic about how she handled herself, waxing poetic. Such heroism! Such power! So bravely! So commandingly! So inticingly! So excitingly! So … what are you doing this weekend?


A school tray drops. “What?” says a voice.

Mette looks at watch … just studying.

I’ve been told that the food vendors along the shoreline … no, the wooden shoreline … the board walk … their vendors of food and entertainment make a delightful frozen confectionery called iced cream, and was wondering if … I am yours to command.



Flings arms out, sleeves swing about wrapping around his wrist.

Turns, and exits.

It seems ridiculous, but it isn’t, because he SO DREAMY!

In the gym

On Cloud 9 … but, kind of annoyingly, even though Sync did the coolest thing, people are talking abouit everyone else on the team. Alec did some weird gizmo disablement. Joe flipped out because people weren’t taking things in the gym seriously enough. Kiln melted some AV equipment. Mette saved everyone from Joe. Two of the team have detention. BUT NOTHING ABOUT POWERTRONIC!

Need to help out friends. As moral support.
Walks in just as Kiln is having their outburst.

Happens when one of the car lets out a dying scream. That tears it.

I don’t understand why we’re doing this.
You melted the projector, and that’s school property, and you’re fixing school property. Is it not heroic enough for you?
How does this teach us skills to go forward in life.
It doesn’t. Esp. the way you are doing it (gestures at Joe, who looks like a kindergarten art project). This is a lesson in consequences. Understand your frustration when it seems petty and pieceing together items at a school is COMPLETELY FRUSTRATING. Taking care of petty things at the school … yeah, I can fake a bit of empathy. But I’m not here to teach you her skills – I’m here as an object lesson. I am a warning. And this ridiculous thing – is a warning. You need to use your head, or people will get hurt, or something you regret will happen. Use your head, or you’ll hurt someone, because you have the capacity to do so.

Sync walks in during this.

Alex has, meanwhile, been hacking into the voice tech in the cars.

SURGE is trying to shift labels, Danger -1, Superior +1.

Sync … SURGE has no influence.

Kiln … something he knew before, so he’ll go with it.

Joe … rejects influence … rolls --> 6!
But … Sync can get away with it (because he’s not in detention) (yeah, Joe, is so not into him being there)
… Alex will get some choice words directed at him (because he is)
Alex gets the slapchop techno remix on the speakers, which is getting louder.
Joe --> 7!
I wasn’t wrong. they weren’t taking it seriously and they should have. But I am, and I’ll prove it (applies himself to cleaning stuff up).

SURGE watches Kiln and Joe for a bit … pondering …?

Speakers crossfade into REM’ “Everybody Hurts”

SURGE comes over to Alex. Goes into kind of a military sort of parade rest.
I understand what you’re doing. Having your team’s back is commendable. But sometimes the things we say here are important, and it didn’t land as it could have because of you. So maybe protecting them from painful lessons isn’t the best idea. You’re clever … maybe you could be more clever in letting them take that lesson.
Superior -1, Savior +1?
Alex takes it. (Briar patch!)

Sync is there for moral support.

5, 5:30, end of detention.
Alex - hang out until it gets creepy, then go off and monitor them. Did they ask why they were there?Joe is too self-absorbed. Kiln leaves it.
Sync - What were you in for?
Whoa, Powertronic!
You did the best thing for me.
I don’t think these guys know about it.
I was his TA.

No I don’t remember stuff he said, it was school stuff.

Kiln and Joey need to clean up. Alex offers to show a movie.


Dorm room door has a white board.

Any nice clothes? No, either jumpsuits, or jeans + baggy sweaters. All of which are spread out on her bed.

(Jillian broke in, wanted to trash something, and THERE’S NOTHING WORTH TRASHING! And brings three outfits and leaves them on her bed, too. [Thanks, James!])

I thoiught you came from the future. They have forgotten SO MUCH! Sit down, don’t move.
… returns …
Order Thai food, this may take all night.


She is on that, and is providing Mette a path-forward. INFLUENCE OVER LABELS!
So much work to do here! You’re very smart! But I can work around that! I know boys like Evan. The brain is going to get in the way. Just have a good time and think and look good. Be more talky, less think, not so that.
Superior -1, Mundane +1 (suggested)
This is not an Oscar nomination. It’s damage control.
Two friends come in, Instagram pose, talking to her, while posting to Instagram …

What’s your Instagram?

Go along with label shift.

End of Game

  • Mette – Closer to the Team: Jillian (gets influence) … Potential!
  • Sync – Into Own Image …
  • Kiln – Into Own Image …
  • Joe – Closer to the Team: Alex (shifts Freak -1, Mundane +1) … clear Angry (therapy)
  • Alex – Closer to the Team: Joe (shifts Savior +1, Danger -1, but Savior can’t shift)

Mette – bonding with laughing girls.

Joe, Sync, Kiln, Alex – pizza. also projecting with a school projector.

Dark Web … Night Flight!


Pan past Hellbinder. Sunset through window.
Knock. SURGE in the doorway. Parade rest.
I wasn’t expecting you.
Yes sir. I have a suggestion. I think there’s a group in the sophomore class that needs a field trip …