Masks 616 Epilogue

The aftermath of the battle was quiet.

The tribe got to work cleaning up the destruction. Between the damage Gorgon-Fluvis caused and… what happened with SURGE and Powertronic - recovery would take time.

Joe fell easily in the role that seemed expected of him - leading, approving questions, and helping with the effort. When anyone - teammate or tribe member - asked what would be next, he became quiet, his brow furrowed in thought.

Mette did what she could to comfort Aliud, for all they did not seem to welcome her. They were … processing, and there was much in the last moments above the jungle that needed consideration.

Roddy hadn’t yet had time to talk to Mette about what HE had seen - what the temple’s senses and Gothwitch’s powers had allowed him to - maybe - pull off, at the very last second.

He could wait. There’d be a good time to explain - it all came down to timing.

Alex had never needed the airstrike from Aegis, but the request itself drew their attention, and their ‘local’ airships were there to ‘provide support as needed’ within an hour… though at a glower from Tahi, a growl from Joe, and a few words from Alex, they maintained an extremely respectful distance from what appeared to be a sovereign society’s new territory.

And there was Kiln and…

well, there was Kiln.

It was a lot to process.

The aftermath of the battle was quiet.

People should jump in here and add any and everything they like in terms of an epilogue for themselves. I tried to keep my bit super-vague.

(( I kinda feel like I need to know the Kiln part of this before I can make a judgment there. Though, I suppose, I can ask … ))

Broadly, Kiln used their MoT, did not kill anyone, and (very broadly, per the MoT text) solved the Fluvis issue in a way at odds with common modern sensibilities, potentially worrying or disquieting their team, though probably not Tahi.

Details left to James when he has the spoons to work them out.