Mike's Speaker Concept

Stealing Bill’s format because it looked really nice. No pictures yet. Will work on that.

Armin Kroll, no aliases yet.

Playbook: Speaker. A former junior executive in one of the Counters Guild’s many offices, Armin was primed to take over the offices of Manda & Manda (would have renamed it Kroll, Manda, & Manda, you know, to keep up appearances)… except Manda’s son beat him to the punch. Rather than follow tradition and join the new regime, Armin struck out on his own, though not before he raided some minor office supplies before they froze his accounts… contacts, private security keys, a cargo ship… minor stuff really in the scheme of things.

Heritage: Imperial. Armin is a Core citizen to the bone. Travelling all the time has not agreed with him at all.

Background: Guilder. Armin still thinks he’s going back to the Guild someday when all this revenge business is over. They really respect a young go-getter after all.

Friend: Lady Arryn, Armin’s ex-fiancee. It would have been more of a political marriage than anything (linking a high ranking member of the Guild with part of some planetary nobility) but they still get along.

Rival: Jared Manda, son of Saldeed Manda (Armin’s old boss). Jared used political connections to take over his father’s company, instead of honest bribery and Guild-sanctioned cooking the books. For what it’s worth, if Armin had left quietly Jared probably wouldn’t have remembered him. Embezzling that much money going out the door though…

Abilities: Air of Respectability, Infiltrator (yeah, like he’s not going to use those Guild backdoors)
Action Dots: Consort 2, Sway 2, Command 1, Hack 1, Study 1

PC Relationships

  • The “respectable” member of the crew. Presents the inner Core outlook to let everyone seem much odder. Won’t know anything about Spacers or Xenos. (If you want to explain or highlight something about your character, just let me know and I’ll figure out some way for it to annoy Armin.)
  • May very well have “bought” the ship, or at least have funded getting it up and running.

Armin’s Variable Term Plans (to be updated as plans change)

  • Get off the planet.
  • Find out what’s in the box.
  • Profit off what’s in the box.
  • Acquire a Nexus Link for the Comms System.
  • Get access into the Counters’ Guild Network.
  • Determine targets of opportunity that hurt Manda the most.