Questions for Session 3

Armin: The ship is barely airborne, let alone in-orbit; who are you already reaching out to contact about The Thing from the Case, in aid of generating some sweet, sweet creds from this swirling cyclone of crud?

Kei: What’s you’re biggest worry?

  • The Thing in the Case is some kind elaborate hoax/lure/prank/trap for whatever corp/academic/bureaucrat/merc/drifter/scavenger stumbles across it.
  • It isn’t.

Drifter: Getting out of a gravity well with armed ships in pursuit is a righteous pain in the sacrem. What (or who) gives you an edge in this, here on Warren? Did you already prep that edge, just in case, or are you rushing to do so now?

Monster: What’s the weirdest thing about this job, so far.

  • You haven’t punched or shot anyone yet.
  • Kei found out something scientifical, mostly kept it a secret, and didn’t make The Smug Secret Face and give it away.
  • Drifter didn’t say what Drifter always says when things get interesting. (And what is it?)
  • Armin hasn’t edged toward the escape pods with the loot (yet).

Seon: Who were you hoping to catch up with on Warren after the job was done? Business (medical supplies), personal (OTHER medical supplies), or vive le revolution? How upset are they going to be you’re standing them up?