Saturday playtest

We’d talked about a few people trying new things on Saturday around noon, every once in awhile, e.g. Genesys. My Saturdays have opened up so this would be an option for me. I’m checking for interest at some point in the future.

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I can be down for the occasional Saturday. I have a few upcoming spoken for (namely the 31st of this month and 21st of next month) but I could be down to play or run some playtests.

While not asked, some things I would be interested in running:

  • Ironsworn (PbtA adjacent medieval Scandinavian mid-apocalypse)
  • City of Mist (mythology-infused urban fantasy, PbtA and Fate adjacent)
  • Bill’s Witch Kid FitD hack
  • Fiasco (GM-less comedy of errors, I’ve played this many times I just want to play this with this group to find out what craziness we would come up with the seemingly benign playsets)
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I’m down. Some saturdays are better than others, but I’m down. Genesys is cool. Ironsworn has a lot of positive chatter. Bill’s hack is cool. Fiasco I’ve always wanted to try, and I have the new card-based version in pdf now.

I’ll also throw Psi-run into the list as a good short run thing.

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Anyone who’s interested, then, collectively figure out your next available Saturday :). I’ll do more work on WITCH in the meantime, and have a Roll20 game for Genesys ready.

So I’ve been delving more into City of Mists as one of my players in my Sunday games recently picked it up and I’ve decided that calling this Fate-adjacent is wrong. It’s easy to look at the power tags and think that they are like Fate aspects, but the truth is that they are closer propose and implementation to the tags in Lady Blackbird.

In fact, there’s quite a bit of Lady Blackbird DNA in this with how advancement and certain themes of a character getting reinforced or “fade” and “crack” over time only to be replaced by something else. It’s quite interesting.

I’ve also made a couple of characters just to see just how flexible the system is with the types of characters you can play and haven’t been disappointed yet (though you do still want to play that will work in the noir investigator genre, since this is still PbtA and that’s the genre this game is emulating).


Sounds great.

What are good days in the next several weeks?

Time: somewhere between 12-4pm.

  • August 17
  • August 24
  • August 31
  • September 7
  • September 14
  • September 21

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I’m going to bow out of the scheduling – it’s all very enticing and attractive but my weekend life is chronically too busy right now for additional activities (as the trackless jungle nature of my yard indicates).


And also what do people want to try/feel ready for, first?

  • Bill runs Genesys
  • Mike runs City of Mist
  • Doyce runs Psi*Run
  • Bill or Mike run WITCH

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Sounds like we have these slots:

  • August 17 - Doyce can’t make it
  • August 24 - Mike runs City of Mist
  • August 31 - Game slot (Genesys or City of Mist)
  • September 7 - Game slot (Genesys or City of Mist)
  • September 14 - Game slot (Genesys or City of Mist)
  • September 21 - Mike can’t make it

Deciding between those two games is literally a coin flip to me so either we actually do a coin flip or you guys need to decide :slight_smile:

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I won’t be able to make the 31st either.

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I invited @Divine to join in this and the time slot works okay. @insomn14 if you are interested, we can find an upcoming Saturday that works.

While short notice, this Saturday (11/2) is good for me. I think the next Saturday I have a conflict may be 11/23, but that’s still hypothetical for now.

Here’s what I’ve got for 11/2 then:

  • Bill runs WITCH as it is (system needs some work still) - cute witches doing cute things in a fantastic world
  • Bill runs Fate or Genesys as introduction to the system

If nobody feels strongly about any of these, I’ll probably run a sci-fi-ish Fate or Genesys with pregen PCs that people can customize.

While I am up for either option, I would enjoy a sci-fi-ish Genesys game so as to familiarize myself with that system.

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Okay. I’m going to run something that has (or plays with) the following tropes:

  • Space Paladins who have neat tech, psionics, or whatever
  • The Truce Zone Bar where everyone gets along

If anyone wants to mix in other ingredients, post them on this thread.

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Checking for interest in a one-off game on any of the following dates!

  • November 23 @ 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern
  • November 25 @ our normal time (if we’re not playing Fellowship)
  • November 30 @ 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern (for anyone not doing long Thanksgiving stuff)
  • December 2 @ Fellowship time (if we’re not playing)

If folks show up with something to run, I’ll play. If folks show up wanting to play, I’ll run something.


I am free during any of those day/time combinations if any one-shot activity is occurring.

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I am good for the first two, a maybe on the third, and a definitely not on the last.

There was a game I was thinking about running, but I cannot remember what it was at this point. I’m open to suggestions.

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