Scroll 05 - A Conflict of Loyalties

Zemin and Lan and Sun

Exeunt from Kai Ling’s dwelling.

Sun pings Lan about their place in these proceedings.
L - Had a former connection with Gunlan. Invited by Master, leveraged by Zemin to the festival. As a member of the Snow River Sect, cannot turn back on miscarriages of justice, such as this woman being married against her will.
[The Sect has dwindled, after being banished by the Emperor and settled into his area.]
S - (Aha, understand what this person is doing here.) Let me know if I can help.

L - (Headed for … Gunlan, as Lady Kai suggested)
S - (Fades into the background, per move)


In Aoshi’s chambers.

Abbot offers to Crescent Sword Feng to sniff out any magic.
Feng is a military guy, which complicates a situation he has ulcers over.
B - Please, take up the Abbot’s offer to save Aoshi.
Hearts & Minds (Fire) on the Abbot ==> 7.
There is animosity between the Abbot and Feng.
Abbot comes over and does his thing.
A - Very subtle energy, but definitely there. Two energies, very alike to one another, at cross-purposes within his humours.
B - See! My father is clearly innocent!

F - Very well, see him freed. I must go … Nobody should disturb the Lord without direct permission.
A - frowns.
B - How can we save him?
A - Research! (exposition about different energies and humours)
B - (nods, omg he doesn’t know what to do next)
Aoshi is in perfect health, just also in a coma. Two energies at cross-purposes.


How getting into the castle? Really looking for Peng Lan. Getting in through the Women’s Quarters.

Study (Earth) ==> 5!
Yeah, clothing is kind of a mix and un-made-up. So, yeah, caught sneaking in.
By Zhi.
Her brother.
Z - What are you doing?!
S - You think I can go around like this? I need to get to my make up and clothing! I live here!
Hearts & Minds (Fire) ==> 8. … +1 forward with him, his seeing her as someone other than his sister.
S - May I go to my room?
Z - And then?
S - Not interfering with the Lord, nor the Sons.
Z - (squints hard)
S - See Lady Kai. Anything she needs? Other than that, all the things a Lady does.
Z - Swell. Things are very complicated for the sons. Huigong is very confused today.
S - (Not to see him, wants to see Peng Lan)
Z - Do NOT be seen by Feng. Nor be seen between the brothers.
S - Sure. Anything you need? Tea?
Z - Perhaps at lunch, if you’re able. I’ll be at the front gate.


Lei is tending to Huigong, who is currently in the garden … or, in reality, on the wall beyond the garden. Pensively staring out. She frowns at him.
L - What are you doing?
Z - It’s very important. Trust me on this. Bao and his family have done something horrible. You must publicly denounce them.
L - What are you talking about? H is taking this very personally.
Z - It wasn’t him. It was B and his father!
L - (Looks around)
H - I am not here to throw myself over the wall.
L - See, he thinks he’s responsible.
Z - You need to get away from this, so you can avoid what hits B and his family.
Z - to H: Very sorry to hear about this tragedy.
H - Thank you. Friend to Zhi, to our family.
Z - Everything is working out well with your father, and the people responsible will be getting what they deserve soon, brought to justice.
Study (Wood) ==> 5!
H - (tensing) (eyes wide) Were you there? (attacks!)
Z - …

Zemin manipulating plot points.

Peng Lan

Same audience chamber that Peng met Gunlan in yesterday.Nobody there? No, there’s Dan Tiao. Gunlan in a chair by a pillar, head hanging.
DT - Not a good time for an argument.
L - I am not here just to argue. It’s here because of his father’s condition I am here.
DT - To comfort him?
L - Yes.
DT - He thinks he is directly responsible somehow. Talk with him.
L - Oh, good. (Goes over and sits next to G)
G - (sniffs, double-takes) Your order was justicars once, right?
L - Dedicated to justice.
G - Father spoke highly of the order. Respected them, not trusted them. You could take my confession, see I am executed properly.
L - If that’s your punishment. The Gunlan I know …
Inner Conflict - Mark XP and roll Earth ==> 5!
G - (sees reaction in L, and responds as a man dying of thirst) (so throws himself in L’s direction … onto his knees, takes L’s hands, getting close) (but not a kiss!) You’re never supposed to speak at the well in a night fo bitter scales, the spirits listen, we are taught that as infants, I wished my father dead, I did this, you have to get me out of here, I can’t be here when he dies, I can’t bear it, I don’t want it, you have to get me out of here!


All cleaned up and new clothes! Shiny new day!

Looking for Peng Lan.

Kai Ling

K - Kind to visit such a foolish woman.
S - Never foolish.
K - Too kind.
S - One recently returned to court I must speak with.
K - Situation difficult with folk of different courts visit. Difficult to visit Su family.
S - Interested in Peng Lan.
K - huh!
S - Made a fool of self last night re su Wen. Explanation: I sometimes catch things from the past. …
K - Spoke with Gunlan last night. May be in the main audience hall, unoccupied at this point. And the Su family are in the guest houses.

Inner Conflict to search G out, but keep with commitment to Z.
Inner Conflict (Metal) ==> 7.
K - I think young Su Wen has several allies within the castle, but cannot see any of them, and should. You are kind and wholesome, but it is time for you to scheme. With someone you care about. You should go see your friend. Just advice from an old spinster. (Waves her away)
Michelle Yeoh

[Michelle Yeoh from Gunpowder Milkshake]

Heads for … Su Wen.

Bao (and Zemin)

B - If only I knew where Lei was …
… look out window …
… she’s there!
… gesticulating wildly …
… with Huigong and Zemin fighting on the top of the wall.

Which way to go? Stairway in wrong direction? Doors with guards? No, leap through window!

Overcome (Fire) ==> 8.
Rooftop, ceramic roof tiles, slide, tree, branch that breaks, arrive …
… stained, leaves in hair, get over there …

Huigong doing the big, heavy combat blows.
Z - (dancing about to avoid blows, giving ground, not really fighting back except to throw off, slapping at arms to deflect, kicking at heels to slow down)
Fight (Water) + Bond with Bao ==> 7. Don’t want to look bad, and may need to fight him.
Deadlock - question - Why does he think he’s responsible?
H - Since we were children, it was drilled in to never talk near the well in the Night of Bitter Scales, I was drunk and babbled at the well, to draw a curse on my family, which laid my father low.
Z - (points at the approaching B) No, it was B and his father who poisoned him!

B - Whuh?
Inner Conflict (Water) ==> 3! (2 XP! Woo-hoo!)

H - (Pushes Z to the side, strikes a combative pose.) Explain yourself!
B - Your father lives! He was not poisoned, he was struck down by fell magic! Just ask the Abbot!
Hearts & Minds (Metal) ==> 6 + 1 (draw on bond with Guards) ==> 7. Guards run up, “It’s true, sir!”
H - (Shakes head) How did you know it wasn’t poison?
B - My father taught me all about poison. And the Abbot confirmed it!
H - He sent you on his quest [!!] when he was summoned to serve my father.
B - (ugh) I have that honor.
New Bond with H - impressed by filial loyalty.

Z - (Dammit, can’t have him beheaded by the prince. Guess I’ll just have to punch the Abbot instead.)


Prince on his knees, holding hands, tears in eyes, asking for assistance fleeing the castle.

L - (Duty-bound to assist him. But fleeing not the way to do so.) I accept your supplication, and will do all that is in my power to find the culprit of your father’s situation.
G - What if it’s me?
L - Do you think I will go back on my word?
Hearts & Minds (Metal) ==> 7.
Overreact - Bond! As he grips L’s face in both hands and gives him a kiss.
L - (Vaguely shocked, face is rigidly the same, eyes do not close, if this was a cartoon would turn to stone.)
DT - Someone is coming!
G - (Instantly in an innocent, plausible position.)

The big doors open up. Feng comes in.
F - Gunlan, we need to talk, You need to take control of the castle while your father is indisposed!


B - 1
S - 0
Z - 1
L - 2


I do want to congratulate Dave on coming the closest to fulfilling his plans for session 5.