Session 8 Prep: Kiln's Love Letter

Let the mental prepping begin.

Greetings Kiln,

It was nice to get together with your team after the battle at the museum, and you went back to your quarters feeling fairly good, but sleep did not come easily, or stay long.

Someone is coming. Someone strong. Someone… bad. Someone who immediately knew you activated the ruins of that temple, and had been waiting for something that that to happen for a Very. Long. Time. The only good news is you know they’re coming.

Roll +Savior. On a 10+, both. On a 7-9, pick 1.

  • Tell the team about whoever it is, and tell them everything you can to get them ready. Add +2 team to the pool.
  • Keep things to yourself and mentally prepare to face your ancient foe. +1 forward when you face them.

On a miss: in your dream you were an exhibit in the museum - peered at, lectured over by fools, dusted infrequently, and generally overlooked and forgotten. Irrelevant. The One That is Coming finds you, in your dream, immobilized and weak, and takes what they need from your remains. Take Insecure. (If you already have Insecure, Take a Powerful Blow). Tell us about the school-day activity that makes you the most uncomfortable, awkward, or confused.

(No matter what you pick, be prepared to tell us about The One Who Is Coming… remembering that dreams are unreliable narrators.)

Hugs and kisses,



Alex will have questions:

  • The One Who Is Coming, is coming to where?
  • What’s their name? If that’s it, will they eventually change their name to The One Who Got Here?
  • If Kiln deactivates the museum thing, will they be The One Who’s Leaving Again?
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First to the museum, where there will be a wonderfully dramatic, shadowed, not-revealing-the-face scene as The One Who Is Coming looks at the now destroyed ruins.


The damage is pretty much done with the museum ruins. He’s coming, and the ruins are deactivated.

I have to give a presentation in ceramics class. First day of classes I accidentely knocked over a whole shelf of clay pots and the teacher flipped her lid. I would’ve gotten detention for it if it wasn’t the first day of school (Headmaster Hellbringer believes that everyone is more than their first impression). So there I am in a class where the teacher hates me, having to present my ceramics project. But the teacher asked for some sort of “modern” art. I have no idea what that means? Every example I saw was weird and different. So I went with my modern. And now I have to present it to the class! Could this day get any worse?

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