The Big List of Character Oracles

Only post oracles for specific NPCs as replies to this thread. Any other replies will be moved to their own topic.

This is intended to be a quick and easy way to generate plotlines for any two characters in the homeroom.

Step 1: roll 1d20 per person

You can roll dice twice for random people, or start with one specific person and roll for another one.

  1. Roy/Sequoia
  2. Aliud
  3. Derek/Kid Kool
  4. Mette (PC)
  5. Kiln (PC)
  6. Paul/Problem Child
  7. Vic
  8. Hunter
  9. Nono
  10. Emma/Hot Mess
  11. Rodrick/Sync (PC)
  12. Tiffani/Gothwitch
  13. Anna Acharya/Poly-Anna
  14. Evtenefel “Evan” Daystarson
  15. Joey/Mighty Joe Young (PC)
  16. Allan Adamson/Seven-Year
  17. Chris Drake/Hellblade
  18. Alex Shelby/Agent 1337 (PC)
  19. Jillian/Macaron
  20. Hailey/2Kick

Step 2. Find a connection

You can either find a 1d6 oracle posted below, or look at the Homeroom Dynamics graph or Homeroom Seating Chart

If someone’s name is hyperlinked, click through their name for suggestions.

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Example 1

I roll a 7 and 17, giving me Vic and Chris. They don’t have a direct connection, but looking at the relationship chart, Chris took Kiln to a cooking class and is going to do it again, and Vic is Kiln’s nerdy friend. So Chris and Kiln show up for cooking, and Kiln drags Vic along.

Example 2

I want a scene with Alex and Mette, and roll a 9 for an NPC, giving me Nono. Nono was nice to Mette, and Alex has to be suspicious of Emma, so maybe they think this is a good chance to learn something from Nono. Go make a scene where Alex wants to subtly question Nono and we see if Mette notices, and how she feels if/when that happens.

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So, for example, I could post an Oracle for Haley/2Kick here (and then link to it above). Like:

  1. Dismissive of “kid stuff” or something the school considers culturally important (prom, main quad statue of Infi-Knight, “Game of Thrones”)
  2. Breezy anecdote about something really cool she saw “out there”
  3. Inappropriately reacts to something innocuous (like a candy bar)
  4. Flashback / PTSD episode
  5. Enjoying some mundane activity, something she didn’t get to do as a kid or that she hasn’t done in years
  6. Working out in the gym
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Joey/Mighty Joe Young, of course, contains multitudes1, but if you need a quick inspiration of something he might be doing or being in a scene (or a reference to him by folk in a scene):

  1. Brooding angrily about something or someone (a real or perceived sleight, fate, an injustice done to someone, his condition, etc.)
  2. Super-enthusiastic about a suggested activity
  3. Helping someone out using his strength
  4. Obsessing over something his Love or Rival said or did (“What did they mean by that? Did you see that look? Is it good or bad if they don’t text back in thirty seconds?”)
  5. Struggling with homework
  6. Lazing about

1Speaking metaphorically and somewhat Whitmanesque, unless the GM knows something I don’t, which he usually does.

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Oracle for Evtenefel “Evan” Daystarson

  1. Sitting somewhere laughing and conversing with a random coterie from around the school, mostly (though not exclusively) female.
  2. Chatting up an instructor or other authority figure.
  3. Graciously offering to be of assistance, in a (of course) likeable but slightly noblesse oblige fashion.
  4. Walking the grounds, showing an intense interest in them, especially the gardens and plantings.
  5. Mentioning something remarkable, but oddly disturbing, about his distant Homeland (traditions, laws, achievements).
  6. Bemused (possibly, but not visibly, confused) by something “normal” to our world.

[That’s the last of the characters I “wrote”/introduced, so the ones I feel most eligible to craft Oracles for.]

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Chris Drake…

  1. Drags a bunch of other students to some goofball activity
  2. Got too caught up in being a farm girl and sounded weird
  3. Scared someone with a flash of her demonic “game face”
  4. Had to fight evil today and must be rescued, assisted, or talked down
  5. Is being tempted or pursued by dark forces and needs support
  6. Needs a cover story for her conservative Christian parents who are visiting


  1. Freaked someone out and is now moody about it.
  2. Deliberately pranked or tormented a school bully or other kid he hates
  3. Obsessively takes up a new hobby or won’t stop talking about some new interest
  4. Is unfairly blamed for some incident at school
  5. Took down a criminal or villain, but got in trouble for it anyway
  6. Needs to crash with someone for a couple days, but won’t explain why

Paul Gray/Problem Child…

  1. Is hassled for his juvenile-delinquent past by a student or teacher
  2. Gets involved in a fight, but it’s not clear who started it
  3. Has to cooperate or compete with another Clean Slate about something, sparking rumors or rivalry
  4. Asks a PC to come along as security for a shady meeting
  5. Has an invitation for a “special” party, wanna come?
  6. Is obliged to do some community service as part of Clean Slate

Kid Kool…

  1. Has a secret mission from Absolute Zero, his Legacy, and needs the PCs to help
  2. Talked some shit and is now being called on it, and deflects or evades in a way that involves a PC’s friend or ally
  3. Is spotted doing something nerdy and blows it off, hurting someone’s feelings who hoped they’d found a fellow nerd
  4. Has to introduce someone else from Absolute Zero to the PCs, but doesn’t like it
  5. Is jealous of another class member, and devises a plan to mess with them
  6. Must appear at some important civic function, and needs a plus one
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