The Multiverse

I uploaded my multiverse notes into Notion, which is where I’m doing my fiction planning nowadays. Here’s the list of parallel dimensions & alternate timelines I’m aware of, along with where they show up in our story, the actual divergence point (by issue number), and some other notes. Aside from the prime universe, we have 9 others - 2 from the regular game, 4 from the comics, and 3 more from the new fiction.

Might we see more? Maybe.

Might we revisit some of these? Maybe.

Do the odds improve if the audience expresses interest & preferences? Definitely :smiley:


That is simultaneously a lot and not a lot of alternate timelines. Took me a minute to place the Miniverse and Noirverse, but after I read the blurbs for them it all came back.

Using your time travel terminology, it feels like Jordan’s Timeloop timeline’s probability has been driven down very far and is unlikely to make another appearance unless there is a great returning of things back to where they belong to clean up the timeline (Anty, Radiance’s Arcane shell, Concord’s stolen sword from The Bad Future’s Sable Star, and maybe other things I’m forgetting) but seems unlikely. Or maybe not. Who could say? (It’s you, Bill. You could say. :stuck_out_tongue:)

I also feel bad that we never came up with a better name for the Bad Future, though for very selfish branding reasons. (points to card thread and my various statements about wanting to do an evil Jason villain deck)

On a separate note, what benefits is doing planning on this site giving you over just using a text file or something else? Mostly curious because when you first brought up Trello previously, it completely changed how I do tracking on my various projects and so I always feel compelled to at least check out whatever tools you are using.

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I use the term “oxbow” for timelines like this - akin to a wide divergence in a river getting cut off, forming an isolated lake. Time travelers could still get there via a couple specific means, but yeah, it’s not going to be canon history any time soon.

So Trello is fantastic for project management, and has a really solid stable of integrations with third-party services. But it’s also built around a specific Kanban-type paradigm. You have cards, they have these specific fields, you track progress across columns with optional subtasks and all that.

Notion is built around pages, which can have properties (e.g. text, URL, picklist/select). Pages can be nested. Pages contain blocks (e.g. text, a todo list, an image) that hold content, and you can paste Markdown into text blocks. Most importantly, pages can have “databases”, which are just collections of sub-pages, which you can render in a variety of ways.

For example, I’ve got a Villain Roster page. It’s got a database where each page is a villain, and they have properties like “Drive”, “Relationships”, etc. I’ve got a view of those villains as a gallery, like this:

And then an individual page might look like:

If I have a bunch of these pages, I can sort, rearrange, or group them in multiple views, or reference them in other databases via a Relation or Rollup property. You can use this to replicate Kanban boards (and Notion comes with templates, including Kanban), wikis, art galleries, or all kinds of other views on data.

And of course, if I just want to dump a bunch of Markdown into some pages, it does that just fine.

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