Visual Inspirations

Going to toss some stuff up here. If I were more motivated, I’d figure out a way to post groups with an attached vote. :slight_smile:

We can just heart the posts we like best.

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First, a series of people I get the impression folks would normally avoid. Don’t know anything else about them.


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I’m thinking different hair styles might indicate things about people. Lower-class or more criminal elements…


Dangerous paid experts…

People rich enough to have ridiculous hair…


Or those so refined they rise above it all.

What’s it like on a ship? Lived in? I’m hoping for lived in…


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For that matter, what are the ships like? Apparently, I tend to favor industrial looking and kind of blocky.

Though this may be partly so the really organic stuff can be held for aliens or something…

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(I’m not mocking, I think this is a really neat source of inspiration)

EDIT: the original artist

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Yeah, I love these.

In my opinion, one of my favorite ships in recent memory has been the Faulcon deLacy Anaconda (from Elite: Dangerous). She may not be the prettiest ship or the fastest or the most deadly, but with some refits she can do it all.

And surprisingly, it is remarkably big. Like big enough for a crew of folks to not be stepping on top of one another all the time.

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“Who are you guys, the Cult of the Smokey Eye?” wavy bladed knives come out “Listen you’ve really pulled this look together, though, I admire it.”


Also, can this be a thing?

I’ve only seen this given a name in one series (Borderlands) but have seen it in everything from Guardians of the Galaxy to Voltron.

Honestly I just think it looks cool. And if you’re looking for some sort of explanation on how it works and not “nanites” or “hard light holograms”, Mass Effect came up with this.

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If it exists, it might be unusual, expensive, or political - “reztech” marks you as an Inner System partisan, “rust-tech” is for the provincial Belters or rebels, for example. Or there’s a reason we have Used Future ships and stations, but hard-light weapons and tools.

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I like this explanation.

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Had to re-share this image from the Blades in the Dark/Scum and Villainy discord for tone if nothing else.


Always a fave.

And, of course, if it’s an Ur artifact, I’m sure it could do all that and only partially drive you mad in the process.

A few nice pieces from Elite: Dangerous’ sub-Reddit page.

Just warped into the Betelgeuse system.

On approach into a planet-based landing site.

Some humor for Bill (the class of ship is Python).

A ship landed at a geological survey site.

A space station on fire, its oxygen getting vented into space.

I collected these a while back as images for Google+ Events banners for a couple of people in a writing group who were doing SF. I’m sure they will come in handy for Roll20 backdrops or mood pieces, if nothing else.

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Some fan-art, subtly referencing the Alien/Prometheus franchise - perhaps something of the Ur, or the Way.

EVE Online is a beautiful and dangerous universe. Source for these is here.

File this one under #GMgoals

Also this one:


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“Dammit, I TOLD you we needed a Pilot on the team!!”

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