Agent 1337 - What do people know?

This character lives in multiple worlds, and is a secretive hacker and spy to boot. But for transparency, I want the players to know what’s going on.

To the Team

The team has heard them referred to as “Agent 1337” and they’ve introduced themselves as “Alex G. Shelby” or “Alex Gemini Shelby”. This is an alias - they haven’t revealed their real name.

They would have told the team the following, at least:

  • I work for AEGIS and I’m working with the rest of you as a liaison. I’ll get stuff from AEGIS for you, but they’ll also ask me to do stuff.
  • You can call me Alex or Shelby or whatever you like.
  • I don’t have any superpowers other than my huge brain, but I have bionic limbs and other useful implants. If I look like I’m in danger, yeah, save my dumb ass, but I’m not that squishy.


Their designation within AEGIS is “Agent 1337”, apparently a joke by somebody during new agent intake. They report to a succession of superiors, like any other junior agent. They might do surveillance on other people (including the team), but they are being monitored too.

As a Superhero

Alex currently doesn’t have a separate superhero ID or code name, and may lean on the team to come up with something - or go their own way and be absurd, forcing them to intervene. They probably just wear a basic mask to obscure their identity while on missions.

They have enough credentials they can present as an AEGIS agent to let them make their Soldier-based moves.

As a Civilian

They have a cover ID as Alex Shelby that will pass any background check that AEGIS could be expected to defeat. They have a dorm room, “the Satellite of Love”, festooned with computing power and geek adornments.



How about parents?

37’s mom and dad are alive and well, but they’re disowned due to previous illegal activities. 37 still misses them, but there’s more important things going on right now.

Does Alex carry a gun? Do they get to?

They probably carry a taser (or have one built in?), but aren’t big fans of firearms whether they get one or not.

What technology is behind Alex’s augmentations?

AEGIS had this prototype android sitting on the shelves, along with specs on how to build parts for it, so they did that.

Favorite foods, hobbies, etc.?

Yogurt, protein shakes, chocolate-covered cherries, elbow mac and cheese, teriyaki, loaded baked potatoes, Hawaiian-style pizza. Disney movies, MST3k, Hearthstone and other online games, stuff like that.



Relationship FAQ

Does Alex have any friends, best friends, etc.?

Not right now. They’re a loner by nature already, and AEGIS, the attack, and other stuff has left them feeling more isolated.

Who would Alex befriend, have a crush on, etc.?

Alex respects intelligence and iconoclasm. Anyone they can nerd out with will be a winner.

If you want an easy guide for NPCs, roll 2d6-1: On a hit, it’s someone Alex might enjoy spending time with. On a 10+, it’s a potential crush. On a miss, Alex has no interest and might get snarky. Take +1 for other nerds, a further +1 for anyone who makes delicious burgers out of sacred cows in some way - taking a dig at the establishment, or being their own person.

How does Alex feel about other peoples’ friends, crushes, etc.?

They’ll be supportive unless that other person seems like a bad fit, and then they’ll be ruthless. Imagine having Fenneko as your wingman:


Combat FAQ

What tech does Alex carry around?

Aside from all four bionic limbs, Alex has a built-in computer and wi-fi mesh. I’m thinking about one or more of the following as well:

  • A grappling hook system (Bionic Commando!)
  • A built-in taser or some kind of non-lethal gun
  • Deployable mini-drones

Anything from this list would be interesting too, possibly requiring the advancement option to get more enhancements.

What are Alex’s options in combat?

  • Directly engage a threat: their artificial limbs have augmented strength and can punch through concrete or other “mundane” materials. They have some AEGIS training in hand-to-hand combat, but are not on par with any kind of super-martial-artist (i.e. anyone with a Masks ability related to martial arts, such as Synchronous).
  • Unleash your powers: Alex can hack into many systems, either independently or with support from AEGIS, for information gathering or to affect the battlefield. Example: accessing spy satellites, local wi-fi, security cameras, cell networks, social media, advanced computer-controlled automobiles, and more.
  • Defend: Alex can provide call-outs to other team members over a comm system (“Duck!”). Aside from that, they can jump in at the right moment, fire a ranged weapon, create a distraction via nearby electronics or cell phones, and so on.
    Assess the Situation: Alex can get a read on the battlefield via their hacking skills and AEGIS training, and relay that data to the team.


What NPCs does Alex communicate with?

With Agent Waters moving on soon, Alex will have a few people they’ll run into:

Doctor Diana Dismal (“Professor!”)


A researcher assigned to Department 42, the weird-tech division. Interns are assigned to keep her under control and aimed at AEGIS-approved research. She insists on finding out just how her inventions work in the field. Performance and novel side effects are always interesting, while agent safety is a distant third.

  • “It blew up? Fantastic! Do whatever you did again, only more slowly.”
  • “Kiln activated the temple? Hmm, interesting. I wonder if we harvest their glands and see if it’s biochemical…”
  • “I’m technically a professor. ‘Doctor’ is just for some useless alliterative appeal.”

Julius Forge


A take-no-prisoners veteran spy now working for AEGIS as a handler for field agents. He has no patience for sloppy tradecraft and doesn’t think much of letting kids keep the world safe.

  • “That’s Mr. Forge to you.”
  • “Here’s the 12 mistakes you made on that last operation. Do better.”
  • “Yes, I drink my demons away. Can you even drink? I mean legally. Don’t sass me.”

Frank Chapman

A field agent and deep-cover specialist, often working as henchmen for supervillains to give AEGIS valuable intel. His loyalties and behavior are suspect, given his habit of disappearing for weeks or months at a time, and his consummate skill at disguise.

  • “A guy could make a lot of money with… hmm? Nothin’. Didn’t say anything.”
  • “Here’s the file you wanted. Don’t ask how I got it.”
  • “Be seeing you, kid.”

Program FAQ

What programs has Alex run?

  • DIGDUG - a search for magitech temples around the world, based on geological samples and image processing
  • SINISTAR - a search for contacts involving the Architects of Evil
  • QBERT - a roundup of the history of contacts between Phoenix Academy teachers & supervillains
  • PENGO - a search program to locate Gnega from newsfeeds and so on
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Mood and Fashion FAQ

What is Alex wearing at the moment?

Probably the usual lazy hacker attire if they can get away with it. If they have to make an appearance at AEGIS HQ for some reason, probably a nicer business-casual type look (shirt and tie, slacks). If they have to go undercover, or when the mood strikes them (read: to clear certain conditions), roll 1d6:

  1. Masc metalhead look seen here
  2. Masc biz-casual/slacks look as above
  3. Femme goth-punk look as above (“wig? Maybe”)
  4. Femme “cute fashion” look as above (“definitely”)
  5. Nice suit and tie as seen here
  6. Something weird and mashed-up, e.g. grunge florals like this

Expect them to do something similar to the museum trip - bring a few small key gadgets they can carry on their person (or that are already implanted), plus a bag, sack, etc. of extra gear they can do without or leave behind as a distraction if necessary.

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