Art Thread: Menagerie RPG

@insomn14, with the knowledge that you are (a) not feeling well, (b) feeling a bit uninspired re the Menagerie at the moment, and (c ) no doubt occupied by many other things …

… I would dearly love to see an image of Magus Charlotte, perhaps modeled after the Deck card, and using whatever previous Charlotte concept art you want for the base. Nothing elaborate needed, just the basic idea.

If you feel inspired by same, it would be loverly.

Not to say I would put something like that together but, if I were, the resulting outfit would probably look something like this.
Combining Charlotte’s “General” look with the Magus’ outfit, though instead of that single shoulder cape it might redo that cape as a mantle (like commonly seen on a duster) to give that jacket more of a Civil War-era look. Though the question would come to @Margie: stick with the long skirt or go with pants?

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My guess is a long skirt (but with sufficient petticoats that when she’s floating in mid-air, there no upskirt shot, because REALITY CONTROL), but I’ll be sure to ask her.

Costumes for the Grand Finale (requires click-through, annoyingly enough):

Google Photos

Google Photos

I had forgotten to follow up on this again, but now I have.

Now I’m just amused with the thought of a cabal of mystics having a very difficult problem, calling the Magus, expecting Everard, but instead Charlotte shows up.

“I’m sorry, we needed the Magus.”
“I am the Magus. Don’t worry darlings, I’ll have this cleared up in a few moments.”
“You’re… you’re like fifteen.”
“While it’s none of your business, I’m technically 188.”
[considers that magic exists and the older someone is the more they usually know about it] “Sorry, my bad. Everyone give the lady some room to work!”


That’s marvelous, Mike – a bit daring in its short sleeves, but our Charlotte has shown herself to be a pragmatic girl. Indeed, while there are elements of Everard’s uniform, there are other bits that look almost Egyptian in nature. I’d love to see how she physically works her magic – casual gestures (as I imagine Everard), big sweeping Dr Strangean movements, etc.

Thanks for this. :grin:

Nothing like a costume update to show character growth. :stuck_out_tongue:

This one I want to know which ones you mean.

This would be a question for Margie, but I imagine it’s very casual gestures. The biggest, most sweeping motions would still only look like this.

From the waist down, coupled with the staff. Maybe it comes from too much references back to the Near East 2000-odd years ago this season, but skirt and sandles have that kind of look, and the staff pushes me to Egyptian for some reason.

I did some quick reading, and it seems the heyday of Middle Eastern archaeology (German, French, English) was post-Charlotte – but since now she’s kind of uncoupled from time, the fashion influence of that era might have affected her.

Or not. It’s Margie’s character, as you note. :slight_smile:

This pin reminded me a lot of Mike’s Otto art, in terms of color and head design.

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My warm up sketch for today.
Not bad for like 45 minutes.

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Hey, so I finished my picture for the Masks zine, but I think it’s missing something.

I was really inspired by some of the variant covers for Go Go Power Rangers, where they included the Rangers as teens as the focus and their Ranger Suits in the background. This isn’t quite that, but I did like the juxtaposition.

Anyway, I was thinking about throwing in some text to something of the effect of Into the Spiderverse’s “anyone could wear the mask” statement. Anyone have any ideas?

Okay, first off, I really love this.

I almost feel like the upper figures need to be set back, as though the screen is in the foreground seeing the true image of the heroes in the background. Since I think that’s what you’re driving at.

The message is also a little different in some ways from the Spider-Verse film, given that so few of us (cough) even have masks (see also: irony of the name of the game for us). Except, of course, masks aren’t necessarily literal, but can be just about all the identities we wear whether folk recognize us on the street / classroom or not. But I belabor the obvious.

I don’t have any easy tag lines. I might make it more of a question. “Are you the mask, or what’s behind it?” “How many masks do you wear?” “You wear the mask you choose.” I don’t know that I like any of those, though.

Anyway, I love the drawing. :smile:

You know, I think I like this train of thought.

Opinions? I want to have this sent in this weekend, so if anyone has any thoughts, please let me know right away.

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I’m honestly surprised to see Alycia with “Friend” and Summer with “Driven”, it feels like they’ve been the reverse. :smiley:

Honestly, I wasn’t 100% sold on any of these (especially given Charlotte’s is an unintentional pun) and am open to suggestions.

I’d want to think about it. If I had to capture what each person’s character arc was like, I could do it in short sentences.

  • Mercury: being the real deal, redeeming a tarnished legacy or starting his own
  • Alycia: paying evil unto evil a la The Shadow, using her training for good
  • Summer: finding acceptance in two worlds by accepting others
  • Adam: making peace with an unwanted power thrust on him
  • Charlotte: being torn from her place and making a new one for herself, rewriting the relationship with those who tried to use her
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Well, I’m always good on puns, but …

It depends on what you are trying to say … is it about the characteristic emotion of each character? The role they play on the team?

Some options for each:

Harry - The Friend, The Supporter
Alycia - The Muscle. The Weapon. The Actor.
Summer - The Conscience. The Spirit. The Friend.
Adam - The Innocent. The Explorer.
Charlotte - The Explorer. The Wanderer. The Spirit.

Or maybe questions:

Harry - Who will I be?
Alycia - How can I be better?
Summer - Who am I?
Adam - How can I do this?
Charlotte - Why am I here?

I’m not in love with any of these, but I offer them as thoughts.

Also … maybe just first names on the bottom panel? Makes it a bit more intimate and personal.

Harry - Making my future
Alycia - Resolving my past
Summer - Building my dream
Adam - Finding my responsibility
Charlotte - Discovering my destiny

Just more thoughts.