Dinosaur Island

Following this comic, Emma is going to try and make it up to Nono.

More on the way. Edit: missed one comic, there we go. Should be two strips visible now.

Emma doesn’t waste any time.

Doesn’t look like a comfortable flight.

Well… while I’m sure this is going to turn out as a fun outing for Jordan, if it didn’t Adam would be quite upset.

Nono will take good care of her.

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Oh chute.

I love those old adventure movies of the 30’s and 40’s.

The excitement never stops.

Everything’s going so well.

Must go faster.

Tyrannosaurus Rekt.

I don’t remember this part from Indiana Jones.

A rocky relationship.

A: “Hot Mess” took Nono to Dinosaur Island.

J: Really? That’s awesome! I remember Dinosaur Island. It was –

A: [Gives Jason “the look”]

J: Horrifying and scary and inappropriate for a twelve year old.

A: And she took Jordan there, too. Nono was babysitting her.

J: What? That’s – that actually is horrifying and scary and inappropriate. Jordan is not nearly old enough to appreciate Dinosaur Island.

A: I know!

J: Wait – how do you know this?

A: I – well, I was – monitoring –

J: Nono? Hot Mess?

A: No!

J: Hold on – you were using the QSats to watch Dinosaur Island?

A: Well – yeah. Maybe. It’s – fascinating. You know. Watching the – fauna.

J: Remember when you chased me around the South Volcano, riding a triceratops?

A: … Okay. Well, maybe not totally horrifying.

J: Are you kidding me? Totally horrifying and scary and inappropriate. I loved it! Um … in retrospect.

A: Your father wasn’t amused.

J: I seem to recall your father wasn’t amused, either.

A: That’s because Tee-Top didn’t catch you.

J: You named the dinosaur “Tee-Top”?

A: … Yes.

J: I’m … kind of … sorry Rusty blew it up.

A: Oh, I understand completely.

J: Though –

A: Though?

J: It sort of tasted like chicken.

A: …

J: So … are Nono and Jordan okay?

A: Let’s. Watch. On. The Monitor.

J: Riiiight.

A: …

J: …

A: And you owe me a trip to Dinosaur Island.

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A wild plot has appeared!

Emma has some real talk for Nono.

“Pah. The ‘Minion Maker.’ He’s a mercenary. Crafting cheap automations and bioweapons for whomever pays him in wealth stolen from the workers of the world. He has no respect for humanity. And certainly no sense of true, bespoke craftsmanship.”
– Achilles Chin, Interview with Barbara Walters, 12 August 2011

Are they breaking up?

Hope you are all getting a kick out of this comic.

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Hot Mess faces her greatest challenge yet: Jordan.

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