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Are people interested in seeing more stuff (text or comics)? I feel like the PEPSI Challenge, Pidgeverse, and Colin stories were well received, as things to peek at in free time between S&V sessions. If so, what else might people want to see?

  • New characters from AON like Sabine and Void
  • Leo’s mother survived! How? What happens next?
  • Leo has siblings who visit, with ties to other heroes
  • Kirbyesque Concordance space stories
  • More time and cross-dimension shenanigans
  • Flesh out JHHL or Irregulator characters (who?)
  • Other (what?)

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I would like to say “all of it” but that doesn’t seem super helpful for what you’re looking for.

I think we saw the least of Animal, Ninjess, Kinetica, and Bob from the JHHL and Irregulators, but I wouldn’t mind more Stingray, Armiger, and Telekinetian. (Hell, some Comet stuff wouldn’t be bad either).

Stingray and Ninjess would make an appearance in one of the non-JHHL stories, so that works out.

I’m short on ideas for Animal, Kinetica, and Bob, but can come up with something. When doing stuff with TK, I usually play up his academic and relationship angles, but let me think about some variety for him.

The results are interesting to me because Dave, late of the Alycia/Summer cutscene epic, looks at more Leo stories and is like “Nah bro I’m good”, and Concord’s player is like “pff spacetime and dimension stuff is fine where it is”. Is the grass just greener on the other side?

Everyone seems to want more non-Menagerie folks, so I’d say yes, yes it is. :smiley:

While I always enjoy some good spacetime and dimension stuff, I felt like I should probably finish up my own delve into that before I ask other people to write their own.

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Well, to be honest, it’s all potentially good. :grin: