Menagerie Card Help

Cool cool. So I’d suggest looking at her arsenal of devices like a magpie’s hoard, stuff gathered from her travels that she’s incorporated into her strategy of “my dream, whatever it takes”. Examples:

  • Parallel Development: a more advanced (or weirder) version of a gadget, from another timeline
  • Future Refinement: something taken from generations in the future, and it shows
  • Kitbashed Hypertech: a mashup of existing technologies to do something new
  • Reprogrammed Drone: someone else’s guardian robots that have been hijacked to serve Clockwork
  • Magitech Mashup: Clockwork will use the mystical as well as the scientific. Possible visual: a magical circle of runes or symbols inscribed onto a gear
  • Time-snatched Relic: an older device thought lost that has been found & restored to working order
  • Apocalypse Acquisition: tech taken from some dire “end of days” timeline, rickety, scary, and effective
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This is a really good list. I’ll need to scrounge through some of the odds-and-ends of the Menagerie-verse to pluck out some interesting options.

My first thought with this came from a very recent source…

Maybe I take my idea of Timeshifted minions and mine them for ideas. Like associate one of Clockwork’s unique devices with a particular Timeshifted minion to give a little cohesion to things?

I’ll let those ideas percolate on the backburner for a bit, since I still need to spend some time on some more immediately addressable projects. From my Trello board: