Menagerie Card Help

Setting aside what Sablestar was getting from Jason and Rook (hint: access to the Sepiaverse), Enora Dralis is actually a separate character, and the Megaverse crew is going to meet her

Huh, I thought I had asked about if that was the same character or a separate one in the past, but I guess I just assumed it. Now I got to come up with replacement name for her since she’s coming up in Concord’s deck. :thinking:

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Alycia definitely has better legs.

Obviously, young Jason doing something while Byron hovers overhead with a helicopter backpack (in lieu of a jetpack).

For Science!

Er, for Order!

Uh … for fuck’s sake, someone has to save the world and if it’s gonna be me then get off my goddamned back!

While mechanics diversity is important, significantly different story can make a big difference, too, and mask a multitude of underlying similarity.

I think we are all there.

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So Mercury’s deck is nearly mechanical completion, so I think it’s time to make sure all the cards feel right. To that end, here is the Mercury hero deck as it stands now.

As you no doubt can see, some of these I have very strong mental images for (namely any card that has all three of the Theme and Flavor, Image, and Quotes columns filled out) but just as many I’m struggling to come up with a good way to differentiate them (I’m looking at you Annoying Barrage and Quick Hits). Also, I do not put it past myself to have missed an obvious name for a card (though it’s also possible that the obvious name was already taken by another card name in the base game), so feel free to recommend names as well as themes, image ideas, and quotes. I try to get the cards to be approximately 50% from the game, 25% from post-game stuff, and 25% from stuff I just made up and sound cool, but these are not hard numbers and I’ll jump around to whatever makes the most coherent overall deck experience (which I seem to be succeeding on because people have very strong understandings of who Charade, Ghost Girl, Radiance, and Unmute are).

One notable omission is Uncle Comet’s trick, which Harry used a couple time throughout the game. That is a card idea I tried to get to work so many times throughout the versions of Mercury’s deck but it just wouldn’t in a way that made sense or played well. That said, it’s probably going to end up being the basis for one of Mercury’s variant powers (possibly Menagerie Mercury) so don’t fret too much about that.

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Devil’s Shadow Hands style:

An endless flurry of attacks that aren’t intended to connect, but need to be dealt with anyway - and can leave the defender flailing once the attacker withdraws.

The ultimate “I’m not touching you!” move - a distraction that leaves the defender exhausted.

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