What stories am I expecting to get done this month? I’ll be updating this thread each month, and include links to the individual stories.

Pull List: February

Newmenagerie: Super-pirates on the high seas!

Serious incidents of piracy are plaguing international shipping, and now a super-freighter is going down! Safe Harbor’s robotic rescue team must use the newly created Launch System to rescue the ship and its crew, and unravel the mystery. But is it rogue Atlanteans - or something else?

Menagerie Megaverse: Every Star a Battlefield

An enigmatic Concordance agent attacks the emotional containment facility, risking blanketing the entire Earth in a miasma of despair and rage! Adam Amari must gather a team of defenders to protect Earth from the psychic assault - and learn the secret behind the agent’s actions!

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:star_struck: I couldn’t say why, but I love the idea of posting pull lists. The joy of anticipation perhaps? Looking forward to these two stories.


Pull List: March

Menagerie In Action: All Heroes Must Die!

A terrifyingly capable team of mercenaries is going after both superheroes and supervillains around the world. Costigan asks Alycia Chin’s field team to investigate - but how can a handful of agents deal with an army of super-killers?

The Marvelous Menagerie: The Seven Wonders

A legendary team of supervillains, thought to be in captivity, is on the loose again. Harry Gale assembles a team of young heroes to take them on, but what if the biggest thing standing in the way of defeating the bad guys is Rex Tyran’s New Tomorrow?

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Pull List: April

Menagerie at Midnight: Attack on the Multiverse! (moved from March)

Someone or something is attacking parallel realities, and the Menagerie’s alternative selves ask Charlotte Palmer for assistance. Can she save an entire universe from destruction? And who - or what - has enough power to threaten reality?

Newmenagerie: The Beast That Blocks Out the Sun!

It’s robots vs. kaiju as a giant creature threatens a city and the Newmen leap into action! Radiance has the power of the sun on her side, but is that too dangerous a weapon to wield when civilians are so close? Is a rescue team still building itself up really ready to tackle such a monumental challenge?

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Pull List: June (all titles bumped from May)

Menagerie Megaverse: Frontline With the Blot

Adam and his friends are thrust into the heat of battle, as the HHL and the Blot square off in outer space! But is the HHL really the same as they were on Earth? Where are the Concordance? And what has Somber to do with this?

Menagerie in Action: Renegades From the Deep!

The Grasscutters have a stolen nuclear submarine, and there’s plenty of people who’d like what it’s carrying - above or below the water. What happens when a series of attacks, just like the Atlanteans’ Invisible Invasion, resumes?

ASIST Annual

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Pull List: November

Titles delayed due to ongoing and persistent self confidence issues.

The Marvelous Menagerie: The Soul of the Hero

Ruthless mercenaries are appearing in Rex Tyran’s New Tomorrow to overturn both hero and villain teams. Now Harry Gale and his team are caught in a four-way struggle between the troubled legacy of the HHL, the corporate and mysterious Stellar Six, the charismatic but dangerous Seven Wonders, and the pragmatic and deadly Grasscutters!

Newmenagerie: The Fires of Conflict

A tip-off leads the rescue robots to intervene as a refugee settlement comes under attack. But what is a Phoenix doing here - and why must Otto try and stop it?

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Pull List: January

Menagerie at Midnight: Curse of the Draugr

Charlotte Palmer has a plan to stop the Eigendrakes. But it will require visiting a remote island off the coast of Iceland, and confronting mysterious creatures that attack, feed on, and turn helpless civilians caught in their path! Is there any stopping the watery undead who emerge from the mists?

Menagerie Megaverse: Pursuit Through the Pleiades

Adam Amari and his friends are going undercover as interstellar criminals, to learn the secrets of the Concordance and its enemies. To do that, they’ll have to visit the most lawless zone in space, and impress its most notorious gang: the Starbusters.

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Pull List: February

Menagerie in Action: City of Clones

Alycia Chin and her team have a lead on a threat Pyrrhus made - clones of herself and Jason Quill, waiting to be possessed by the nanotech mastermind. But thwarting the scheme - and stopping the Grasscutters’ mysterious leader - may cost the two of them everything.

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Pull List: March

The Marvelous Menagerie: “The Sentence is Death!”

Harry Gale can’t move at super-speed thanks to an ultra-tech virus. So how is he going to stop a mysterious assassin’s threat to eliminate his parents, the heroes Silver Streak and Tempest?

Newmenagerie: Star-Crossed!

When a Nazi Valkyrie attacks a peaceful space station, the Newmen have to save lives in the most dangerous environment of all: outer space! But it may bring Summer face to face with the most dangerous enemy of all: her own self-doubt.

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Pull List: May

Menagerie at Midnight: Buccaneers of the Beyond

Charlotte and her friends have worlds to save. But in the process, they must contend with a surprising new element: pirates who sail the seas of the underworld, raid gods, and plunder souls!

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Pull List: June

Menagerie Megaverse: Planet of Dread

Adam and his friends return to Earth in time to see Somber’s plans come to fruition - but will the truth about the Concordance make them allies or enemies? Learn the mystery of the Blockheads and visit the Planet of Dread.

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Pull List: July

Menagerie in Action: The Golden Dragon

A reclusive figure in Chinese politics is about to make a move that could rock the balance of power in Asia. Lee Yan asks the team to find a way to influence the power player. To do that, they’ll have to tangle with Chinese intelligence forces, rival strike teams, and a mysterious artificial island full of ancient secrets and deadly dangers!