The Stewpot

Here’s a wiki post for any ideas that seemed to have traction in other posts. The goal is to have a short list to start with on Monday. This list is not exhaustive! If you want to add something, edit this post. If you reply, I’ll merge it into this list instead. If you want to talk more about a topic, start another thread.

  • Races
    • Talking intelligent animals or beast-people
    • Androids, golems, or intelligent undead
    • Steven Universe-style Gems Magical beings whose humanoid bodies are projections or illusions
  • Places
    • Scifi settings (space stations and satellites)
    • Flying ships
    • Floating islands or continents
    • Steampunk trains (not ubiquitous though)
    • Quiet, pastoral villages… before they get ravaged by the Overlord
    • Orc Rome
  • Tone
    • Traditional fantasy / Tolkienish
    • Ghibli-esque or fairy-tale-ish
    • Magical Realism
      • strange to the players is normal to the PCs
      • but not so far that it makes it difficult for the players to reasonably expect / extrapolate stuff.
    • Mild steampunk elements within fantasy
    • Fun: grim-tragic-gritty thru laff riot scale: game seems designed around “difficult but hopeful” to save the world.

These are playbooks where interest has been shown.

  • Bill: Orc, Collector, Lantern, Tinker, Exile, Remnant
  • Dave: Halfling (first choice), Squire, Elf, Heir, Orc
  • James: Remnant (first choice), Dragon, Harbinger, Rain
  • Mike: Harbinger/Exile/Lantern, Elf, Collector, Pair
  • Margie: Elf, Squire

Not familiar with Steven Universe, so can’t comment there. Would add traditional fantasy which is different from fairytale for me.

The Fellowship at 100% strength…