'In Broad Terms, Whatcha looking for out of tonight?’ Check-in

Continuing the discussion from Post session analysis.

It’s easier more interesting (to me) if it’s ‘broad scene thing’ and not ‘I want specific thing to happen’, since that kind of takes away the point of play, n’est pas?

“I want to form a bond with the leader of the looters and then bring him into the Fellowship as a companion.” is less-good than “I want a scene of some kind of the looter-leader person.”

Anyway, chime in if you’re motivated to do so.

Having been the person who, I think, made a laundry list of examples (some of them probably, yes, too specific), I feel like I should comment. On the other hand, I just spent a bit of time finally publishing Carabas’ achievements across the whole game (reliably narrated and not), so I’m almost feeling fulfilled about the character at the moment. :smile_cat:

I guess I’m hoping to avoid ending up in traction and/or (given I’m unwittingly holding a teleportation thingie) on the surface of the moon. But that’s probably too specific.

I hope to continue usefully matching wits with our foes, esp. Ecki, even if I end up getting smacked around a bit.


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I feel the tensions we have going on are:

  • There’s a rowdy crowd of scared townsfolk behind us. to whom we’ve made promises both vague (“we’ll keep you safe”) and specific (“your son is okay”)
  • I feel like there’s pressure on us to uphold those promises, but there’s also a threat of them turning on us if we don’t deliver, and that pressure is immediate (as in, the townsfolk might attack the bandits themselves)
  • I feel like we have a good argument to move Siflae off the field for the time being, but I want to know who ought to deliver it - Wynn or Virens are both possibilities, and if James doesn’t want first pick (it feels like this is his enemy), I’ll do it
  • I don’t know that we have a good story for Ekki other than “stab him, a lot”, and we just took away his retreat trinket, so whatever I want, I expect he’s either gonna get ganked, or find another way to run away on his own
  • There’s still the crowd of bandits, but we got two guys with area-effect weapons in the party

So in broad terms I’d like to get Siflae out of the path of our scared townsfolk, and see what happens to the mage.

I want to beat up some bandits if they start acting like a threat.

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So, just wanted to bring people’s attention back to this in case anything has changed for you in the past week.
I feel like Wynn got their big moment last episode, so I am happy to step back and support people as needed or run crowd control.

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I’m in the same spot as last week

Taking the same position from a less enthused, more headache-afflicted, less well-rested stance.

Rowan, Rowan, Rowan, kill the bad guys, Rowan, with a staff that’s glowing, rawhide!


You’ll help to beat the Gen’ral,
With awesome powers several,
And a Harbinger who’s awfully full of pride!

We’ll ride out through the Forges,
Past Ohir halls so gorgeous,
And Ann will make sure we’ve got mounts to ride …

Is it too early to start this discussion for next session? :slight_smile:

Things I’m expecting or hoping for:

  • We’re teasing danger for a hundred people, and that might pay off in a few ways (someone wanders off and has to be located; we have to fight off some kind of Mist-monster; we have to keep the crowd stable)
  • These people have to go somewhere. Red Valley may not be safe soon or ever. Finding a new place to stay (and negotiating that with existing locals) will be difficult
  • What were the bad guys there for? It’s possible they were bringing down the Mist to give people more to worry about than… something. Like taking the artifact we took away instead? If so, someone might reappear to try and get it from us.
  • I’m expecting … someone to drop an interesting Journey challenge on me. (And I should be thinking of what I’ll want to drop on them.)

    Hmmm. The Overlord gets to do one of these, though it’s kind of phrased differently (don’t have the rules in front of me). It’s not clear in return how something gets dropped on the Overlord.

  • I’d be happy with the prospect of moving our band on to the next city, or having them join up with fellow Redvalleyites who escaped otherwise up in the Midlands (when we get there) and feeling that we’ve done our heroic rescue without getting into the problem of their being refugees. I’m feeling l like we’re ready for the next part of the Quest.

    IOW, if the “Journey” is from A to B, and B is “safety for our charges,” I’m willing to simply call it that and move on. (If others want to delve in more, I’m okay with that.)

I’m okay either way here, and I don’t think “find a home for refugees” ought to take long. I do think it ought to come up, but hopefully in the context of the next step in the quest, as Dave says - e.g. “we’ll take these people in, but you have to help us with Overlord-Adjacent Situation X over here”.

The presence of an orc clan nearby (as mentioned earlier) at least gives the refugees an immediate place to go, for example. But we can also use this to introduce (for example) the Heir’s people, since that was one of the things I’d hoped to see done for advancement purposes.

Aha! Yes, that’s just how something like this ought to work.

As the book puts it (p. 8!)

During this montage, the Overlord also gets a turn, to describe an event that is directly related to the Overlord or their minions, and tell us what they are up to or how they get in the fellowship’s way.

So, frex, Doyce might say, “When you get to the top of the land bridge to the Midlands, you see something that stops you in your tracks. What is it?” and the person says, “Another sky island has come down. Aaaand, I think there was a town there. Overlord, what’s going on?” and passes it to Doyce.

Or, in a more guided fashion, I suppose Doyce can frame it as along the lines up, “When you get to the Midlands, you find a further sign that Siflae and Ecki stopped here. What does that look like?” for the current person to describe an “event” and then Doyce ties that into what the Overlord has been doing.

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A suggestion: the island that fell was uninhabited, but that’s because it was a sacred site to people nearby - the Heir community, perhaps, where their champions or princes ascend to face some mystic challenge or test of personhood to be recognized as worthy.

They want us to avenge the loss of this site, might take refugees, but need us to do something specific for them.

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Excellent idea.

To continue the use of this thread:
Story beat-wise, I’d like to see get the townsfolk to somewhere safe and perhaps learn of the Overlord’s plans.
Mentally, I’m feeling about 5/10 today, which is a fairly good day. I did not sleep well last night, so we’ll see if I stay at a 5 once this evening rolls around.

I’m hoping we get some more good world building with the rest of the travel sequence and wrap up the villager thread and move on to the next exciting adventure.
I’m decent but have been thinking in three different languages all day so it may take some thinking for the words to come out. But I’m excited to do the game.

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Only thing I’m really hoping for is to not be in pain. :slight_smile:

Also looking forward to the game